You just might call me driftwood
Never stay in one place for too long
Let me flow in all directions
Living life like it is one long song

I made my way to Bethlehem
Seeking shelter from the storm
All I found was pain and hopelessness
And poverty in many forms

Taking cover in the cold, lonely streets and catacombs
I call it Home
I call it home

They say look for good in everything
It seems in possible for long
Through the bitter eyes of solitude
There's always something going wrong

Then I went up on the mountain
And I looked into your eyes
All my fears and chains they fell away
I was taken by surprise

Now arise, now arise
Now arise, now arise

These twisted roads I'm traveling
Always lead me back to you
You always see the good in everything
And the kindness coming through

And the snow is falling gently on the street like polished chrome
Now you're my home
You are my home
You are my home